Why Do You Ride?

One of the great things about the internet is how one discovery – of a pertinent film, article, picture, or recording – can quickly and easily lead you onto several others, which then lead onto several more, which in turn lead to… etc etc.

While researching my last post about what cyclists have in common, I stumbled across this blog.

Why Do You Ride is managed by 32 year old sustainability campaigner and Melbournian cyclist Carrie, and does simply and stylishly what it’s title suggests: Profiling cyclists from all over the world, and asking them why they ride a bike.

Some of the common themes that emerge from people’s responses are: the carbon footprint; the cost; fitness; convenience;  and – that word again – the indescribable sense of f.r.e.e.d.o.m!

It’s a great site, and as with all the best blogs, takes a simple idea and makes the most of it by enabling people to share their experiences.  Just for the record, here’s my contribution.  Let’s see if I make it up there!

30 year old Primary School Teacher.  Adopted Londoner.  Founder of the dot com unity project.

Why do you ride?

I bought my first new bike in over a decade after losing my job last year.  I was never particularly ‘into’ cycling, but thought I’d kill some time before starting a teacher training course by seeing if I could pedal my way to Rome (I could. Just.)

Along the way I became slightly enamoured with the simplicity and freedom that comes from riding a bike – they’re such rudimentary things, but they can get you so far! Plus, people always seem happier on two wheels somehow… Maybe it’s the fresh air.

Best thing about cycling?

See above.  Freedom, simplicity and that slightly smug camaraderie you feel with other cyclists.  We’re basically better than other people aren’t we?

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

I think things in London are actually getting better.  When our blue bike lanes were introduced a couple of years ago I was pretty skeptical about how much difference they’d make, but you’d be surprised at the impact a little bit of paint can have on people’s sense of security on the roads.  Along with the Boris Bikes and a relatively active cycling lobby, it’s really not a bad place to ride.

Fondest cycling memory?

Tough choice…  Either crossing the Alps during a solo bike ride to Rome last year or attending my first Critical Mass just a couple of months ago.  The atmosphere at the latter was incredible, it was like Glastonbury festival on wheels!

Cycling tip?

If you’re locking your bike up, always lock it to something.  I worked as a courier for a while last year, and would often just lock the front wheel to the frame to save time while dropping packages off.  One day I got out of the offices I was calling at to find a guy wandering off down the street with my bike slung over his shoulder!

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

Everything you might want to know can be found at thedotcomunityproject.wordpress.com

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